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Friday, February 24, 2012

Redeployment of EXT

Redeployment of EXT is a bit hectic in Liferay 6.x. So we have to take care of a few steps while redeploying EXT.

Lets see how it can be achieved. I assume that you have WAR file ready for deployment and name of ext is abc-ext.war.

  1. First of all, shutdown your tomcat if its already running and delete your work and temp folder. Basically /temp/liferay/com/liferay/portal/deploy/dependencies/ext-abc-ext-util-bridges.jar, /temp/liferay/com/liferay/portal/deploy/dependencies/ext-abc-ext-util-taglib.jar/temp/liferay/com/liferay/portal/deploy/dependencies/ext-abc-ext-util-java.jar needed to be deleted but there is no worth in wasting time in finding these files.
  2. Now go to \lib\ext folder of tomcat, and remove ext-abc-ext-service.jar.
  3. Go inside webapps, and remove the ext.
  4. Go inside webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF and remove liferay-display-ext.xml, ext-abc-ext.xml, liferay-portlet-ext.xml, portlet-ext.xml, and tiles-defs.xml files.
  5. Go inside  webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib and delete ext-abc-ext-impl.jar, ext-abc-ext-util-bridges.jar, ext-abc-ext-util-java.jar and ext-abc-ext-util-taglib.jar.
  6. Start the tomcat.
  7. Put WAR file inside hot deploy folder and wait till it expends and give message to reboot your server.
  8. Restart tomcat and its done.
See, there may be some variations in JBOSS, like as if services are not overridden then ext-service JAR may not get deployed in JBOSS's ext folder of lib. These things depend. If you dont have any changes in any XML file then removing them is also not necessary except ext-abc-ext.xml. You must remove it for redeployment. However this is a stranded procedure, this may vary

This is a complex procedure but sorry I can't help it. It only works in that way. If you have something which is shorter and works, please share. :)

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