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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creating a new category in Control Panel and Adding portlet in it

While development of any big portal, we need to customize control panel also. In such a case, its generally needed to make a new category in control panel and adding portlet in it. So, here are the steps, hope you'll find it helpful.

1. Override the class PortletCategoryKeys (in ext-impl\src\com\liferay\portal\util\
Put the category in ALL array in the order you wish to appear your category.

2. Now add portlet in this category using the following entry in liferay-portlet-ext.xml file
here  portlet_id is the id of the portlet that you wish to add in our custom category. Specify the name of the category in <control-panel-entry-category> entry and sequence of portlet appearance in determined through <control-panel-entry-weight>. The higher the weight, upper will be the portlet(weight can also be in floating number).

3. Now an important point, we must enter the category name entry in file, so that our category can be recognized, otherwise you'll get category name as "category.mycategory"
That's all I did, hope will work for you too.

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