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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Security Questions customization

I've seen various time people asking for disabling security question and creating custom questions. That's why I am writing this post. However its quite easy.

For disabling the queries, we have to set the following properties false in

When you press the drop down list box of security questions, a entry is shown -"write my own question", that can be disabled by setting the following property false in as follows:

However, if you wish to display your own custom question in the drop down list box, that's a bit tricky, but not too difficult at all. One important thing to note about this - they are not stored in an any database table, but in (and in other locales) file, and whose key is provided in the file's following property:
users.reminder.queries.questions= <list of question keys>
Now, for creating your own question, you have to create a (or more) question(s) with unique key(s), and list those keys as the value os above mentioned property in file.

Don't forget to add your custom file in you stack in ext-impl/src/content, so that it can also be overridden. In the same way, you can create property file for all other supported locales too.

see the following example:
users.reminder.queries.questions= question-1,question-2
question-1=this is the first question
question-2=this is the second question
question-3=this is the third question

Disabling Terms and Condition
set the following property false in the for disabling terms and condition:


  1. Good article.
    I want how to enable "Update Password Reset Questions" in Lifarey.

    When I go in Control Panel -> Update Password Reset Questions .... it say
    Update Questions
    The Reset Password Portlet is not configured to accept user verification questions.

  2. Hi... Apoorva

    nice article so help full

    my question is if i have enable the Security Questions ask for the user to change the password

    how can i do this... plz suggest me